Event Media

The venue is booked, ring set, talent booked, now you have to sell tickets. Marketing a show has evolved & it is so important to have a presence online. That is were digital & print marketing & branding become so important. Vacated Title can help you with event posters, match-up graphics, talent announcements, DVD cover-art, as well as logo & shirt designs. Vacated Title is here to give your media the impact it needs. For Pricing please contact us using the form below.


Event Posters

You need to catch the fans eye. There is no better way to do this than through high quality media. Whether it is digital or print media, Vacated Title will provide you with a presentation that is second to none.


Match-up Graphics

Your event is set & it is time to build a buzz. There is no better way to do this than through announcement media and/or match-up media. Let the fans know exactly what they can expect from your promotion. 

DVD Cover-Art

The show was a success, & the fans are talking about the main event. Make sure that those who weren't in attendance can get their hands on a DVD to witness what they missed. All DVD cover art will match that of the event media.

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The Events shown in the images are fictional events. They are used to represent some of the work available by VacatedTitle.